Monday May 29
The Lord heals what we expose, not what we hide

Our nakedness, which the enemy meant to use as a weapon against us, was turned into a bridge to perfect communion with our Maker. Jesus is the one who clothes us in his grace and spirit. But to be covered by him, we must first recognise our nakedness, and come out of hiding. The Lord heals what we expose, not what we hide. Vulnerability, though so difficult, is transformative. Imagine that we are standing at the foot of the cross. As we gaze into the eyes of our Saviour, let us give him the truth of our hearts. The pieces we are ashamed of, the parts we regret and the moments we reproach ourselves for. We will not be met with anger or condemnation but with eyes of love. We will experience the knots in our chest unravel, the weight on our minds lift and the remorse in our spirits dissipate. Will we remain in the grave of our shame and self-pity, or will we join him in the garden of glory and joy? Will we choose to be afraid and guarded or be brave and vulnerable with him? Will we choose to hide or be healed?

Prayer: Abba Father, teach me to surrender the truth of my heart to you. Teach me to be open and honest in your presence. Amen.

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