Monday August 22
Let us walk the talk
  • 2 Thessalonians 1:1-5, 11-12
  • Psalm 96:1-5
  • Matthew 23:13-22

We often comfort ourselves in thinking that today’s Gospel proclamation applies to the teachers of the Law, the priests and church elders. However in 1 Peter 2:9 we are all called a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, a people of God’s own possession. The deeper we meditate on today’s Gospel proclamation, we realize how much of it we must absorb into our lives. How we get it ‘so wrong’ most of the time. How often do we focus on the exterior self and give little or no importance to the inner self? How often do we ‘Centre Stage’ on the rules and rituals of the church and miss the heart of what the church stands for? What Christ stood for? Dangerously more so how much we enforce that opinion on others who maybe looking to us for guidance. Jesus warns the elders of great distress that befalls those who mislead people. Let us examine where we have not walked the talk. When and where have we failed to be the ambassadors of Christ who proclaim the truth of the Gospel.

Prayer: Abba Father, make us worthy of your calling to fulfill the purpose to which you brought us forth into this life. Amen.

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