Wednesday November 22
Fill us with fearless trust
  • 2 Maccabees 7:1,20-31
  • Psalm 17:1,5-6,8,15
  • Luke 19:11-28

Reading through the Maccabees story is harrowing. The mother’s absolute faith in her knowledge of who God is, and her trust in him that all his promises will be fulfilled are breath taking. My mind is drawn to a recent religious podcast. In it a priest explained that faith has 2 parts to it; faith and trust. Faith is knowing something to be true, trust is stepping out and acting on what we know to be true. Faith without trust does not get us anywhere. Knowing Jesus to be Lord is one thing, stepping out and living our life in trust that he will come through in our life completes that faith. On his way to Jerusalem where he would soon be rejected as the son of God, Jesus throws us a challenge. Will we accept him as our Lord and Saviour? Free will calls us to decide. When we do believe that he is who he says he is, will we live out that knowledge acting in trust? Will we live our gift of faith actively putting our self out there in fearless trust so that our faith may increase as we live it?

Prayer: Abba Father, fill me with fearless trust as I step out to serve you. Amen.

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