Wednesday September 27
Memorial of Saint Vincent de Paul, Priest
Are we merely existing or truly alive?
  • Ezra 9:5-9
  • Tobit 13:2-4,7-8
  • Luke 9:1-6

Is there a difference between ‘existing’ and ‘living’? Is a broken bulb useful? Without power a bulb just exists. Once plugged in and switched on, it gives light and supports life. Our lives when taken as a bulb just exist unless it is connected to power. What is this power that transforms our existence as human beings, even in our brokenness, to living a life that is truly ‘living’? In today’s Gospel proclamation, Jesus calls his disciples to action giving them power. When the disciples obeyed and responded, the power was manifested through their actions. We are called to action, in spite of our failures and sinfulness, for the power to be manifested through us. Do we remember the moments when we helped someone and the joy that accompanied that action? Do we remember the pain, rejection and suffering in our lives and the hope that uplifts us when we hold onto God for strength? During these moments, can we sense the hand of God sending out his power through us? Can we hear his call? What is our response?

Prayer: Abba Father, may we become alive in your Spirit. Amen.

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