Monday January 16
Far from beautiful
  • Isaiah 52:7-10
  • Psalm 97:1-3,6-8,10
  • Acts 20:17-18,28-32,36
  • Mark 16:15-20

“How beautiful are the feet of him who bears good news”. In reality, the feet of the people who bore good news would have been dirty, disfigured and worn out. These would have been people who walked many miles sharing the Gospel message. These were the feet of St Joseph Vaz who walked many miles bearing God’s word. St Joseph Vaz in his love for the people traversed the length and breadth of Sri Lanka sharing God’s word. It is said that he walked in such haste that his assistant who was younger could not keep up with his speed. While he honoured God’s call, the Lord honoured his love protecting him from wild beasts and forces of nature. Many lives were impacted and renewed. It was the sound of their feet, when they entered a village that brought joy to the people who were starved of the presence of Jesus. We are not only called to seek the intercession of such an inspiring saint but to follow in his footsteps. Signs and wonders will follow us as we share the good news of God’s love.

Prayer: Abba Father, we are grateful for the gift of St. Joseph Vaz to us and to the Church in Sri Lanka. Amen.

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