Saturday 12th December
O Daughter, you are blessed by the Most High God
  • Revelation 11:19, 12:1-6,10
  • Luke 1: 39-47

In our readings today we focus on the blessed¬ness and the favour that is lavished on our dear¬est Mama Mary. Sometimes in our charismatic journey as our focus is on meeting the Lord, we sideline this greatest of all women.

In our attempts to go to our Lord Jesus, to say heartfelt and personal prayers, to be filled with the Holy Spirit we lose our focus on our Blessed Mother because we don’t know what place to give her. But the Bible is clear. She is the Queen of Heaven, the darling of God, clothed with the sun and the Holy and beloved Mother of Our Lord. We cannot go to Jesus ignoring the one He loves. She is the one who crushed the head of the serpent and out of her willingness, her humility and her surrender Jesus was birthed into this world to lead us into our ultimate victory.

My mother has always been very close to the Blessed Mother and we grew up surrounded in that environment. But as I got older and I started pursuing the heart of God, I almost misplaced my love for her as I was confused with her place in my life. And it is only after becoming a mother myself and struggling to fight my children’s battles that the Blessed Mother came to the forefront again. Our Lord Jesus reminded me that it is she who crushed the head of the serpent and she will definitely help me crush the head of whatever bothers my children. The love of a mother is fierce; it is all-consuming and pro¬tective. And when Jesus handed us to her on the cross as her own children, she took us into that faithful and fierce motherly embrace.

We know how the Holy Spirit feels about the blessed Mother. It was the Holy Spirit that filled Elizabeth and caused her to declare ‘you are the most blessed among women’. So let us in turn, join with the Holy Spirit and declare that the moment the Blessed Mother comes into our lives, our children, our families will be leaping for joy. We all need the love and guidance of this perfect mother.

Prayer: Abba Father, I thank You for the gift of Mother Mary. I thank You for her nearness and her love. Holy Mary, Mother of God and mother of mine, always lead me to Jesus. Amen.

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