Tuesday November 8
Live in love
  • Titus 2:1-8,11-14
  • Psalm 37:3-4,18,23,27,29
  • Luke 17:7-10

Today’s first reading gives practical steps that we can follow as we live our Christian calling. While St. Paul gives detailed instructions, it is clear that we need to live in a manner that suits our heavenly calling. Our actions need to be louder than our words. In today’s context, one simply needs to access YouTube and there are hundreds of preachers, sermons and reflections. It is important that we be witnesses to the Gospel of Christ. People need to see that we are different from the ways of the world; that our actions are motivated by love; love of God and love of others. As we live as Jesus expects, let us not become proud thinking that we are better than others. We are simply doing what is expected of us. As we read in today’s Gospel proclamation, we should not expect praise and admiration, instead we need to live in love, because it is what God expects of us. May our lives inspire others to seek the Gospel of Christ. May our example encourage others to live in love.

Prayer: Abba Father, strengthen me in my resolve to follow Christ. Amen.

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