Friday 19th April 2024
The Body and Blood of Christ
  • Acts 9:1-20
  • Psalm 117:1-2
  • John 6:52-59

After listening to Jesus’ preaching, the Jews began to argue among themselves. How could Jesus possibly give them his flesh to eat? In this reading, the words “flesh and blood” referred to the whole person. When Jesus speaks of his “flesh and blood,” he is not speaking literally. Rather, he is speaking metaphorically. Jesus wants us to understand and believe that when we receive his body and blood in the Eucharist, we truly encounter him in a deeply personal way and we are in communion with him. Do we believe and trust that when we eat the body and drink the blood of Christ he is truly present in the Eucharist? Do we understand and believe that in that moment, we truly are receiving Jesus? Or do we simply eat the bread and drink the wine but not choose to encounter the Lord? Receiving the body and blood of Christ is not a “magical” action. Every time we receive the body and blood of Christ, he is truly present. However, we need to be awake and aware of whom we are receiving.

PRAYER: Abba Father, may we be aware of the real presence of Jesus in the most holy Sacrament. Amen.

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