Wednesday 27th January
I will put my law in their hearts, and I will write them on their minds.
  • Heb 10: 11-18
  • Ps 110: 1-4
  • Mark 4: 1-20

As I reflect on the readings of today, my heart sings a song that says: “The Sacrifice Lamb has been slain, His blood on the altar a stain, to wipe away guilt and pain, to bring hope eternal. Salva¬tion has come to the world, God’s only Son to the world, Jesus the One for the world, Yeshua is He.”

Our Lord Jesus paid a supreme sacrifice on the cross for us that we may have eternal life. The majesty of this truth is often lost on our minds simply because it is not something we can perceive. Who is this King of Glory that would give up His very life? What kind of love is it that sacrifices life itself for the un-deserving — for me? I take to heart the words of the first reading that remind me of this ultimate sacrifice that has been paid. The God whom we worship is not finite, He does not fail, He does not falter. No, the God whom we worship is powerful and mighty, His enemies bow at His feet, He sits in glory in the heavenly realms and rules with authority. This Sovereign Lord is the same God that became the sacrificial lamb that was slain on the altar. He humbled Himself unto death, death on a cross, so that we may have life.

How often we take for granted the salvation that has been bought for us with the precious blood of Our Lord Jesus. We continue to fall and fail miserably, writhing in our sinfulness, in our inhibi¬tions, when in reality, our sins have been washed away by the Lord Jesus. We no longer have to suffer, we no longer have to hurt, we no longer have to strive — for salvation has come! When I read the Gospel Proclamation, it is as if my life is being dis¬played on the pages of my Bible. The truth that salvation has been given to me as a free gift has passed through my ears countless times, but so often I fail to see that as my reality. Instead, I allow the things and pleasures of this world to distract me and lure me away from the high¬est truth. I do not see salvation in those times, but I see my own nature, my struggle for wealth and position, my need for love and acceptance, and the word of God, the Lord Jesus, do not take root in my life.

Prayer: Abba Father, I pray for the grace to have good soil, where the truth of salvation can be harvested and that I may be a light that can bring the salvation of the Lord Jesus to others. Amen.

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