Sunday November 12
Let us be like the wise virgins
  • Wisdom 6:12-16
  • Psalm 63:2-8
  • 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
  • Matthew 25:1-13

Today’s readings convey an important message for Christians. Our readiness, preparedness and alertness are required on the spiritual journey. The first reading prompts us to seek wisdom as a treasure and points out that it is essential.

The Gospel proclamation calls us to reflect on the depths of the message it contains. In this world there are two categories of people just as the Gospel conveys: the wise virgins who longed for the bridegroom’s coming represent the ones who are prepared, while the foolish virgins who ran short of oil, represent the carefree and negligent ones.

This is a parable that tells us about eschatology or the end times. It speaks about the judgment and final destiny we will one day arrive at. All ten virgins were expecting the bridegroom, yet only the wise ones were able to persevere till the end. Doesn’t this nudge our conscience?

It is to this bridegroom that we are answerable, and we should be staying awake and vigilant, as we wait for his arrival.

At times, we too can be like the foolish virgins. When the answers to our life’s problems or longings are delayed, we may lose hope. We may waste our time and despair that the Lord will not help us.

The Holy Spirit aids us in our weaknesses. Our prayers and good deeds help us to keep our lamps burning. The worries, struggles and chaotic situations may distract us, and push us in the opposite direction.

There is also another point we need to be cautious about, that is; the oil spoken here was not to be borrowed or lent. This means that we are responsible for what we have collected so far in our lives.

Prayerfulness and good deeds are portrayed by the oil. Therefore we will not be able to depend on others’ charity but our own words and deeds.

Our prayer life is challenged, urging us to watch and pray, as we cannot depend on others to do it for us. We must be prepared, thoroughly, and seriously, as we do not know the time of the arrival of the bridegroom.

It is advisable to be prepared every moment of our lives, as we cannot take a risk. Therefore let us not waste time on empty things but aim for this goal.

The Holy Spirit reminds and guides us to return and refocus on the goal we are trying to reach. May our desire, prize and ambition be, to meet and belong to the Lord. Therefore let us be like the wise virgins by staying focused on our goal.

Prayer: Abba Father, guide and direct us to stay focused on our goal. Amen.

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