Wednesday September 6
Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time
Power of intercession
  • Colossians 1:1-8
  • Psalm 52:10-11
  • Luke 4:38-44

Today’s Gospel proclamation shows the healing of Simon’s mother in law. The people interceded for Simon’s mother in law asking Jesus to heal her. What would have happened if they had not interceded? Would she have been healed? She may not have been. This passage teaches us the importance of intercession. Her loved ones asked Jesus for her healing, and he healed her. We also have to learn to intercede for others. There is power in intercessory prayer than we could ever imagine. Are we willing to intercede for people?

If it is a loved one we certainly will, but what if it is someone who we are not fond of? I have been in positions where I was asked to intercede for a person I actually did not much care for. But when I started to pray for this person I felt an inner peace Ike never before. Some ridiculed me say- ing I had no business praying for someone who has been harming me. As God’s children we are called to love like he does. Are we ready to intercede for those we love and those we do not?

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