Monday July 17
Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Judge not, and you shall not be judged
  • Exodus 1:8-14,22
  • Psalm 124:1-8
  • Matthew 10:34--11:1

Pharaoh feared that the Israelites would one day overpower them and wage war against them with their enemies. One Israelite Son (Moses) was instrumental in liberating the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Jesus the Son of God redeemed the whole world from slavery to sin. Truly children are a blessing from the Lord, thus we must make all efforts to bring them up according to God’s plan.

There cannot be any comparison between the sun and moon. This truth applies to our children as well, because they shine in their own time. As the Gospel proclamation further illustrates we need to be open to accept even a little one who comes in the name of the Lord. Any- one, be it a righteous person, a child or any person big or small who comes in the Lord’s name has to be accepted and treated right. Whatever we do to such servants of God will surely pay us off and give us a reward. Thus, we need to be careful not to judge or criticize them. May the Lord have the last say or the judgment to reward each of us according to what we have done.

Prayer: Abba Father, let the Holy Spirit guide us with the right attitude and mindset to be your true disciples. Amen.

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