Thursday September 15
Mary, the mother of us all
  • Hebrews 5:7-9
  • Psalm 31:2-6.15-16.20
  • John 19:25-27

Let us imagine this scene: Mother Mary, looking at Jesus hanging on the cross. She could have reached out to touch him from where she was, but the guards would not allow her. In our lives, often God seems so unreachable. But the blessed Mother was determined to stand near Jesus to partake of the suffering he endured. The Woman who stood by his cross only wanted to console her flesh and blood, the son she nurtured in her womb. She brought the Son of God into the world, but now it seems like she would lose him.

But Jesus knowing her situation, wanted to make sure that his Mother is taken care of once he leaves. This is the reason why he asked John to take care of her and for the blessed Mother to accept his care and protection. What an amazing plan God had, he gave human nature to his Son through the blessed Mother. In turn, she became the mother of us all. This act of salvation is difficult to fathom by our human minds. God who is mystery, mysteriously brought about this amazing act of grace.

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