Saturday February 25
God is there for me.
  • Isaiah 58:9-14
  • Psalm 86:1-6
  • Luke 5:27-32

In today’s Gospel Proclamation, the Lord Jesus gives us his Mission Statement here on earth, his purpose in our midst. This mission statement, gives hope to all of us who feel lost, broken, hopeless or sinful. We are given Good News, the Lord Jesus has come for you and for me! The First Reading gives us instructions on how to lead this life of righteousness. However, it also gives us the assurance that we are not alone, and that the Lord himself will lead us and be with us. The Lord who gave up his life for us will not forsake us. His help is ever present for those who seek. We should not get tired or impatient because the Lord’s timing is different to ours. “Sunscorched” (vs 11) means slightly burned or damaged. Maybe today we feel like this sun-scorched land, with no purpose. But today is also the day that the Lord is going to transform us to a “well-watered garden”, blooming with his presence. All we need to do is repent and surrender at his feet, I cannot, but he can.

Prayer: Abba Father, remind me that at my lowest point, you are still there with me, guiding me to your righteousness. Amen.

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