Wednesday May 3
Jesus is present with us.
  • 1 Corinthians 15:1-8
  • Psalm 19:2-5
  • John 14:6-14

Philip asked Jesus to reveal the Father. At times, we also ask Jesus to send us signs that he is with us. Trusting faith are difficult in our human relationships and perhaps even more so in our relationship with God. At least, with human beings we can see them, hear them, and talk with them. We see their facial expressions and their body language. These expressions can communicate volumes of information to us. However, we cannot see God. To believe without proof is difficult for most of us. However, Jesus desires that we believe and trust without seeing him. We can choose to believe in Jesus and trust in his love and care for us or we can wander through life without an anchor, without believing in anyone greater than ourselves. Trusting faith is challenging, specially during difficult times. We need to trust that Jesus is with us. However, when we are able to trust that Jesus is present with us, then we have strength and hope. These gifts of trust and hope enable us to open our minds and hearts to see Jesus.

Prayer: Abba Father, be with us, strengthen us and lead us. Amen.

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