Friday April 28
Be nourished
  • Acts 9:1-20
  • Psalm 117:1-2
  • John 6:52-59

In today’s Gospel proclamation Jesus directs us to eat his flesh as the bread of life. To eat bread means to accept Christ into our lives and become united with him. We are united with Christ in two ways: first, by believing in his death (the sacrifice of his flesh) and resurrection and second, by devoting ourselves to living as he requires, depending on his teaching for guidance, and trusting in the Holy Spirit for power. The idea of drinking any blood, let alone human blood, was repugnant to the religious leaders because the law forbade it (see Leviticus 17:10, 11). Jesus was not talking about the blood of animals. He was referring to his blood that would be poured out for the salvation of the world. He was saying that his life had to become their own, but they could not accept this concept. Sadly even today many find it hard to believe in the Eucharist. In this season of Easter let us humbly approach the table of the Lord and receive nourishment, because it is his body and blood that will sustain us for eternity.

Prayer: Abba Father, I long for you. Amen.

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