Thursday August 31
Twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time
Be faithful to the Master
  • 1 Thessalonians 3:7-13
  • Psalm 90:3-5, 12-14,17
  • Matthew 24:42-51

St. Paul expresses his gratitude to the Thessalonian community; his heart overflowing with love fir them. Faith amid trials and faithfulness t their call encouraged St. Paul and the rest of the apostles. This is the same calling given to us in today’s Gospel proclamation. Jesus reminds us that we should be faithful stewards. Our serving begins from home, as he said “the smallest deed you do to the least of them is done unto me”. Every deed done in love and serving even when we are hurt and tried, is faithfulness to our Lord. Let us try to have a constant relationship with our Lord listening to his voice and being filled with His power. Then the Holy Spirit leads us in our day to day work and gives us the energy and strength to go on sharing the love of Christ. The Holy Spirit will prompt us to do certain things because he is sensitive to our needs. Therefore let us not waste our time on earth as the psalmist reminds us that our life is short like the grass which sprouts in the morning and dries up in the evening.

Prayer: Abba Father, make us faithful servants who serve others in love. Amen.

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