Sunday April 17
Out of the tomb and gloom and into the light!

The swirling torments of the passion have come to a pause and just before the dawn of a fresh Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene and the disciples get a chance to visit the tomb of our Lord Jesus.
Saturday was a day of shattered dreams and silence. It was a time of shock, grappling with the cruel fate of a kind, loving, sacrificial Saviour whose life was cruelly snatched away. Scenes of our Lord’s life were playing through the minds of his beloved. They were leaderless, abandoned, rejected, betrayed, questioning and in fear and where did their encounter ‘with the new revelation of our Lord’ begin to unfold? It was at the Tomb.
Many of us find ourselves at the Tomb. We feel abandoned, broken, orphaned and hopeless. But in these moments of darkness, even at a place like a tomb, the Lord begins to speak to us. His gentle small voice does not come in a display of extravagance but through small tell-tale signs.

In fact, someone said, ‘He speaks to you, through you.’ Both John and Peter only had the empty tomb and folded linen to tell them that something had happened. The Lord had begun to speak.
On this beautiful day of Easter, amidst the excitement and celebrations, let us pause at the tomb of our struggles and anxieties. Our Lord Je- sus is a moment away from revealing his Risen, glorious self. It is essential that we recognise the hints he has for us in the candlelight service or the love we have encountered in our families and communities.

As we dwell on the beauty of his sacrificial death we are drawn from the tomb of darkness and death into the light of His resurrection power and presence.
He is assuring us of His abiding presence and power over every situation we are facing. The beautiful words “Peace be with you” cascade over our beings as we receive the assurance that God is still in control of every situation no matter how impossible it may seem.

The living Christ is no longer limited to Jerusalem or the shores of Lake Galilee but throbbing in our hearts and across the galaxy. We have begun to carry His presence and yet His presence envelopes the whole world. We are held in arms of love, assured that all will be well since Jesus has conquered sin and triumphed over darkness.
Now, in the name of Jesus – our Living Saviour – we can claim freedom from the shackles of sin, scroungy living, anger, hatred and selfishness. We not only have a living example to emulate but a Saviour who understands our weakness and carries us through the struggles of life. He is alive and with us. Alleluia!
Prayer: Abba Father, I pray that today the Risen Lord will come alive in my heart and in every experience that I will face in the future. Amen.

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