Thursday July 13
Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time
The kingdom of heaven is at hand
  • Genesis 44:18- 21,23-29; 45:1-5
  • Psalm 105:16-21
  • Matthew 10:7-15

In today’s Gospel Proclamation the Lord Jesus speaks to us of our mission here on this earth. We are called to proclaim the Good News, heal the sick and bring deliverance in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus. The power and the authority has already been given to us and we are expected to make known the name of the Lord Jesus and to glorify his mighty name in the world we live in. As it is said “Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give”. As we take that step of faith in saying “yes” to the mission to which we have been called, we are assured that we do not have to worry about our own life as every need will be met by the Lord Jesus.

In the first reading we see Joseph, sold to slavery by his own brothers. At that time it would have been seen as a cruel act. At the outset it feels as if God abandoned Joseph but God used Joseph to save thousands of lives in Egypt and to deliver his own family from the famine. As I look into my life, can I say that I am carrying out the mission of the Lord?

Prayer: Abba Father, I ask for your grace to be ready to say “Yes” to the mission you have called me to. Amen.

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