Friday March 3
God of mercy and compassion
  • Ezekiel 18:21-28
  • Psalm 130:1-8
  • Matthew 5:20-26

Our God is merciful and full of compassion, he is love, and his love overflows to everyone. He is inviting us to turn back from our wicked ways and to enter into his glorious love. However, sometimes we take it for granted. We might be tempted to think: it does not matter what we do, because we can ask for forgiveness from the Lord. This is a wrong understanding. Yes, God forgives our sins but our sins have repercussions and if we do not reconcile with God, it may lead us to worse sins and we will find ourselves further away from God. Often, we sin because it gives us temporary enjoyment and temporary fulfilment but when we face the consequences of our sin, that is the time we realize that we have fallen on our journey with the Lord. Therefore, let us humbly acknowledge our sinful tendencies, joyfully go to the Sacrament of reconciliation and peacefully receive freedom from our sins. As we journey with the Lord, let us continue to seek his forgiveness and grow in our relationship with the Lord.

Prayer: Abba Father, cleanse me from my sins as I surrender to you. Amen.

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