Thursday May 19
God’s infinite love for his children
  • Acts 15:7-21
  • Psalm 96:1-3,10
  • John 15:9-11

We often liken God’s grace to our broken and inconsistent forms of love, when in reality, His grace sees all of humanity as worthy of being saved and makes “no distinction between us and them”. When we humanise His perfect grace, we turn a gift so freely given into something we unnecessarily try to strive for. His grace is most surely undeserved, so why would we pretend that there is anything we could do to either earn it or lose it? Why do we try to box it within human explanations? It is unfathomable, infinite, and ever present. As Peter asks the elders and apostles, why do we senselessly place a yoke of religious burden and limit God’s grace. God calls us as we are to experience His heart and then share it with all who do not know that they are already worthy and chosen in the eyes of the Father. Jesus affirms the depth of His love for us so that we may find joy in knowing how loved we are. By accepting how greatly we are loved, we can love more widely. Let God teach us the vastness of His grace and His love for us, His children.

Prayer: Abba Father, let your grace meet every part of me. May your love wash me clean. Amen.

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