Tuesday August 1
I am a good seed of the Kingdom
  • Exodus 33:7-11; 34:5-9, 28
  • Psalm 103:6-13
  • Matthew 13:36-43

Am I causing others to sin? Am I an evildoer? Jesus reminds us: what we do here on earth matters, now and in life after death. In this world we have to grow amid weeds, amid the snares of the devil, amid sin, wickedness and corruption. We are the seed that God placed on this earth, the beloved children of the Father, who should be rooted in him. We are called to grow in Christ and to bear fruit for those around us for the glory of God until we are called back to his heart. It is easy to lose sight of this purpose: our call to holiness. We are called individually to bring others to the kingdom, to Jesus. Like Moses who pitched his tent and spent time with God – face to face, we are to seek him. In that experience God reveals himself and his true nature to Moses who continues to worship God in fasting and prayer receiving revelations for the people of Israel. Jesus is inviting us to pitch our tent with God, spend time in his presence in fasting and worship so that we grow in holiness.

Prayer: Abba Father, I declare that I came from you and am on a journey to holiness that leads me back to you. Amen.

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