Friday March 17
Love God and love others
  • Hosea 14:2-10
  • Psalm 81:6-11,14,17
  • Mark 12:28-34

Today’s Gospel proclamation talks about the two greatest commandments. Loving God with all we have means giving God the first place in our lives. Often our priorities keep changing according to our needs and God keeps being pushed down on the list. We love God. But that does not mean we give him first place in our lives. I loved God but other things took more priority in my life; my job, finances, family, relationships, rest and entertainment. The more I faced problems I realized I was struggling alone. I had done it to myself by putting God way down on the list. Loving God means giving him all that we are, making time for him above everything else even if it is just 5 to 10 minutes a day. The second commandment is to love our neighbour as ourselves. When we follow the first commandment we begin to love others with the Lord’s love. When God comes first in our lives we will be filled with his love. That will enable us to see goodness in people and love even those whom we dislike. Are we ready to love God above everything else?

Prayer: Abba Father, help me to love you and offer my life to you. Amen.

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