Thursday November 17
Amazing grace
  • Revelation 5:1-10
  • Psalm 149:1-6,9
  • Luke 19:41-44

In today’s Gospel proclamation we can see how the Lord Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem. Why would the Lord Jesus weep over a city? What could cause our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to cry over a city full of people? Why does anyone weep? Only when someone’s heart is broken and overwhelming sadness or pain takes over, would it bring tears. The thought of his chosen people turning away from God, not recognizing the presence of the Lord or his Word causes the Lord Jesus to weep. We are also like these people. We are so caught up in the world and in our flesh that we often do not recognize the opportunities presented to us by God. We keep on rejecting him unintentionally by the choices we make. Yet he waits for us. His love is so great that though we have caused him much pain he still comes looking for us, the one lost sheep. Such is his unfathomable love and amazing grace. Are we willing to listen to God and give him our lives today?

Prayer: Abba Father, open the eyes of my heart to see you. Amen.

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