Thursday July 6
Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Sacrifice leads to glory

The title of today’s first reading is: “The testing of Abraham”. This title speaks volumes to us. We have certain experiences and challenges in life. These are surprises and often they are not pleasant surprises. Abraham was given such a surprise. In the first reading, there are two important factors we need to emphasise on; Abraham trusted in God’s providence, even though the visible sacrifice was Isaac.

Also Abraham laid the wood for the holocaust on Isaac’s shoulders. The Lord Jesus carried his wood (Cross) on the way to Golgotha to become the holocaust. Often we have a desire to be at the centre of miracles but we do not like to carry the wood (cross). This shows that we have a problem within. We love to be glorified but do not like to become a sacrifice. In the Gospel proclamation Jesus is rebuking the evil thoughts of the scribes. Our critical minds need healing because we harbor evil thoughts. Let us become another Christ by becoming a sacrificial offering and allow him to perform miracles through us.

Prayer: Abba Father, I desire to become another Christ. Therefore let me become an offering. Amen.

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