Friday July 28
Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Spend time with God
  • Exodus 20:1-17
  • Psalm 19:8-11
  • Matthew 13:18-23

The Lord always speaks to his people, showing them the path of righteousness for their own good. Today’s first reading, sets out the ten commandments to the Israelites coming out of slavery to teach them and form them into a nation that lives in righteousness. Listening to the word of God and adhering to it makes our lives bear much fruit. Today’s Gospel proclamation sets out the explanation given by Jesus of the parable of the sower. God’s word is freely available to us at all times. However the question is whether our hearts are ready to receive the word of God and act on it. Today we live in a world that is captivated by a busy lifestyle. Therefore, it is important that we consciously set time aside to sit at the feet of the Lord in prayer, read the scriptures, attend Holy Mass and receive the sacraments. Failing to do so, will easily lead us to a life that is unfruitful. Let us make a firm decision to constantly keep nourishing ourselves with the word of God, that we may live a life pleasing to him and bear fruit for his glory.

Prayer: Abba Father, fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may be enlightened by your word. Amen.

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