Wednesday July 5
Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time
The Lord hears the cry of the poor
  • Genesis 21:5,8-20
  • Psalm 34:7-8,10-13
  • Matthew 8:28-34

In the book of Genesis, we see Abraham acceding to Hagar’s request of sending the slave girl and Ishmael away, because Isaac was ‘the son of the promise’. God promises a great nation from Ishmael who was Abraham’s offspring as well. In the Gospel proclamation, we see the demoniac acknowledging Jesus as the Son of God and pleading to be sent into the swine.

Meanwhile the drive to eliminate Jesus who was disturbing the peace of that city had begun. God has shown his power and love in our midst many times. Yet there are times when we respond by turning our hearts away. Jesus wants us to experience healing and freedom from our sins of self-centeredness, anger, deception and lust. He wants to enter the darkness in our lives and dispel it with the radiance of his love. Fear turns us away from God. Fear of change and fear of the unknown can paralyze us. Salvation is all about Jesus dying on the cross so that we can be released from these fears and experience the fullness of life, life in its abundance.

Prayer: Abba Father, may the power of your love dispel fears in our lives that we may have life in abundance. Amen.

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