Monday June 27
Seek first the Kingdom of God
  • Amos 2:6-101,13-16
  • Psalm 50:16-23
  • Matthew 8:18-22

Prophet Amos uses harsh words to admonish the Israelites. As we look around us, it looks like nothing much has changed. The poor are still victims of human trafficking and slavery. What is our role in the world? Are we quiet in the face of such evil? Or do we take the necessary steps to ensure justice for the migrant about to be deported? The child who might be imprisoned for stealing food? The Lord always cared for the victims of oppression, let us also imitate his love for the less fortunate and marginalized people in our society. In today’s Gospel proclamation the Lord is reminding us that we need to follow him without any excuses. We may have 101 reasons and excuses, but our priority should be the Kingdom of God. When we make choices in our day to day lives, do we seek to glorify God or to satisfy our pleasures only? Let us shift our focus back to the Lord Jesus who died for our sake, so that we may inherit the Kingdom of God. Let us in humility share his love with others.

Prayer: Abba Father, I desire to seek your Kingdom above all else. Amen.

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