Saturday July 23
Let us become wheat amidst weeds

The grace of God is constantly available. The deceitful enemy is working overtime. We are caught up in the battle between darkness and light most of the time. We could be Christ-like only in words and be numb to people around us. The first reading says the deceitful words: The temple of the Lord! What does this mean? The words could be deceitful and the true colours are shown in the action.

We need to find the presence of the Lord in the Temple of the Lord. But if we find people who have only deceitful words and unreformed actions then there is a question about such a ‘temple’; whose presence would be in such a temple? In the Gospel proclamation, the Lord Jesus explained it properly. When the owner of the field sowed good seed that is the original creation of God, then the enemy sowed weeds and we ended up having both good and evil in us. We are the Temple of the Lord. We have both wheat and weeds in us. May we become more of wheat so that we will be gathered into God’s barn.

Prayer: Abba Father, I am your child. Amen.

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