Thursday June 1
Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
  • Sirach 42:15-25
  • Psalm 33:2-9
  • Mark 10:46-52

Today’s first reading speaks of the works of God in nature and the way nature glorifies God. The scriptures mention the power of God’s words. The psalmist is in awe of the power of God, the wonders of his creation and his mercy and forgiveness. In today’s Gospel proclamation, the blind man Bartimaeus desired to meet Jesus. Though he was blind and his livelihood was begging, he was certainly well-informed. He already knew the background of the Lord Jesus. Because of the strong faith he had, nothing could stop him from shouting out, asking for mercy. The Lord’s immediate response was: “your faith has healed you”. Jesus publicly acknowledges his faith and heals him of his blindness. Building a relationship with God after an encounter with him renews us in the depths of our beings. Instead of pleasing the world, we desire to please God. We too have this opportunity to see God clearly and experience transformation in our lives as we cry out to him and receive a touch of his love.

Prayer: Abba Father, open the eyes of my spirit to see you more clearly than before. Amen.

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