Friday 10th May 2024
God will turn our sorrow into joy
  • Acts 18:9-18
  • Psalm 47:2-7
  • John 16:20-23

When we ponder about St. Paul, we associate him with courage and boldness and not with fear. Yet, in today’s first reading we observe that he was filled with fear as he was called to share the message of Jesus. When St. Paul was experiencing fear, our Lord encourages him through a vision to persevere in his calling. Not only does the Lord tell Paul that he will be with him but he also reassures him that he has “many people in the city”. When we are feeling afraid and lonely, the Lord promises us that not only will he be there with us, but he will bring support and connection through the people around us. In today’s Gospel proclamation, Jesus taps into the human experience and uses the imagery of child birth to invite the disciples to look beyond the painful experience of his forthcoming death and into the joyful occasion of his resurrection. Let us give our pain, fear and rejection to Jesus and gaze on him, the source of our joy. He will turn all our sorrows into joy.

PRAYER: Abba Father, guide me as I seek you in moments of fear and anxiety. Amen.

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