Monday 20th May 2024
In the Cross – there is victory!
  • Genesis 3:9-15,20
  • Psalm 87:1-3,5-7
  • John 19:25-34

Today’s Gospel proclamation brings into mind the image of Divine Mercy: the blood and water that gushed out of the side of Jesus out of love for us. We are reminded of this sacrifice during the 40 days of Lent. With Easter, we rejoice and go back to our ways of living. We fail to keep reminding ourselves of the blood that was shed on the cross, the price that was paid for our salvation, we fail to look at the cross in moments of crisis and know there is victory. We need not hide or be ashamed of our sins since the price has already been paid by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Jesus is inviting us to keep gazing at the cross and be reminded of his victory so that in moments of crisis we have the assurance to leave our struggles at his feet. The battle has been won and the blood has been shed, so no longer are we defeated but victorious. Let us seek the intercession of the Blessed Mother in times of struggle, when we have lost our way and she will lead us back to her Son.

PRAYER: Abba Father, in moments of struggle, help us to look at Jesus on the cross and know there is victory. Amen

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