Thursday 11th July 2024
Freely He gives, freely we must give
  • Hosea 11:1-4,8-9
  • Psalm 80:2-3,15-16
  • Matthew 10:7-15

Today’s readings draw our attention to the heart of the Father. In the first reading we see the Lord’s compassion despite the Israelites’ disobedience. Unlike the Lord, we will struggle to love if we were betrayed or let down. The Lord wants us to go beyond our human efforts and reach out to the supernatural to have a heart of compassion and love. Our mission is to impact a person’s life so that they may be transformed. In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus describes his mission to the disciples. When carrying out the mission for Christ we will encounter many challenges and disappointments. People may not appreciate our efforts and that may lead us to get disheartened and give up on our calling. The Lord says not to give up and to move on; as our calling cannot be limited by human responses. God has blessed us with many gifts and talents, let us use them for the glory of God. As we go forth hearts will change and lives will be transformed by God’s grace.

PRAYER: Abba Father, help me to be an effective witness of your love. Amen.

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