Thursday 23rd May 2024
Potential in the Powerless
  • James 5:1-6
  • Psalm 49:14-20
  • Mark 9:41-50

The full effect of a true disciple of Christ is not in being powerful. Vulnerability is the foundation. The Lord embraced meekness, humility and became defenseless. Is that not what spirituality is all about? Anything that robs us of that has to be drastically gotten rid of. There is potential in being helpless, defenseless and vulnerable. Because that is the criteria to be transformed into the likeness of the Father. I remember studying martial arts in my youth. We were taught to use the strength of the opponent to our advantage. Likewise our weakness too was used to our advantage. Society puts obstacles in the way of those who do not want to be corrupt or dishonest. The worldly values feed selfish lifestyles. Because of that we play dirty. Not wanting to lose out. The motivating force is the fear of not being accepted. In Jesus we need not compromise our weaknesses with immoral worldly systems. Our weaknesses unleash potential to live as victorious children of God.

PRAYER: Abba Father, forgive us for the times that we failed to be sincere. Empower us to live truthfully. Amen.

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