Tuesday 21st May 2024
God will support us
  • James 4:1-10
  • Psalm 55:8-11,23
  • Mark 9:30-37

Today’s Gospel encourages us to listen and reflect on our attitudes in considering ways to help and serve others. We are God’s children who long to follow him, and he wants us to be in service to others selflessly and with a genuine commitment to care for those around us. Jesus’ significant teaching is love, which is vital in the kingdom of God. He uses an example to say that we can embrace humility with a childlike attitude. This also shows that he loves us unconditionally. We are equal in his sight, and no one is greater or smaller. When we see things go wrong in our day-to-day journey, may our response be like that of the Psalmist: “Throw your cares on the Lord, and he will support you”. So, let us stay with him, be positive, and put all our trust in him, who is the source of compassion and joy. Let our daily song be a song of humility. “I am your child, Abba Father. I am your child every day and every hour. I still need your healing power. I am your child, Abba Father, I am your child”.

PRAYER: Abba Father, I place my trust in you, protect me. Amen.

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