Sunday 09th June 2024
All is not what it seems – the beauty beyond suffering
  • Genesis 3:9-15
  • Psalm 130:1-8
  • 2 Corinthians 4:13--5:1
  • Mark 3:20-35

In today’s first reading we are taken back to the story of the fall out from the sin of the first man. On the surface of it, it reads of an angry God admonishing and banishing the first couple out of the garden of Eden. Not only will they suffer but they will not have eternal life. Yet the tone of voice I hear of our heavenly Father is more of concern and despair. They are assured of redemption when the offspring of Eve would crush the head of the tempter. They are saved from an eternal life in this fallen suffering human state. Further in this scenario we see God’s compassion in clothing them with garments made of skin to mask their humiliation before they are turned out of the garden (Gn 3:21).

Caught up in the misconception of a God who is sometimes angry, we live life in a defeated state, we live in the shadows telling ourselves our human suffering is deserved for our sins.

Just as he did to Adam and Eve, God calls out to us, imploring us not to hide from him when we are ashamed of our broken nature. We are invited to deal with our guilt by coming into God’s presence and seeking his grace. Today’s responsorial psalm assures us there is mercy and fulness of redemption when we call out to him, from the depths.

The Apostle Paul, through his life’s testimony and teachings invites us to look beyond what we see through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. To not live defeated lives enduring self-justified punishment, but to see Christ present in all these moments.

When my son was diagnosed with a life limiting illness, I was wracked with guilt and embarrassment that the world will know how sinful I was to have this tragedy befall me. Yet with the grace of the Spirit, I have continuously witnessed the beauty of Jesus behind every excruciating heartache along the way. Because of the grace of redemption and forgiveness my broken imperfect life is not a rock that sinks me in shame, but a ledge from which I see the beauty of God.

In today’s Gospel proclamation, Jesus demonstrably argues that it is imperative we know the truth about him, that he is truly the son of God, the way, the truth, and the life. Fulfilling God’s promise to Eve, he not only crushed the head of the tempter through his lineage to her, but also opened the door for us to join his family.

PRAYER: Abba Father, open the eyes of my spirit so I may see your glory behind the pain. Amen.

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