Friday 12th July 2024
An invitation to repent and return
  • Hosea 14:2-10
  • Psalm 51:3-4,8-9,12-14,17
  • Matthew 10:16-23

Today’s first reading reminds us of the compassion and mercy our God has towards us and the comfort he brings to people who truly repent from their hearts and return to him. We are required to speak to God with words which arise from our hearts: good words and good thoughts. We may offer the fruit of our lips, we must sing praises and thanksgiving to his holy name. In the Gospel proclamation we see how God expects us to be vigilant, sensible in our spiritual lives and be wise to avoid conflict and danger without losing the dove-like innocence that will allow us to continue to proclaim the truth without fear. Jesus warns that we will face and suffer persecution if we are truly following him. Nothing hurts more than when it comes from our own family and friends, but we need not worry as the Spirit of God will lead us through these times guiding us and speaking through us. We must be ready to face many tribulations to enter into the Kingdom of God.

PRAYER: Abba Father, may we receive your wisdom to be sensible and your courage and strength to face persecution. Amen.

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