Saturday 06th July 2024
To feast and to fast
  • Amos 9:11-15
  • Psalm 85:9-14
  • Matthew 9:14-17

Today’s first reading speaks about God’s promise of restoring the ruined city. The Lord’s comforting words speak to our hearts as well. When facing the storms of life, our situations too can be like that of the Israelites, yet the reassurance given by the Lord gives us the hope to stand on: a time for feasting on God’s faithfulness. In the Gospel proclamation we see Jesus being questioned about his disciples not fasting. Jesus reiterated that since he was present, his disciples did not need to fast. Jesus recognises a future time the bridegroom will not be with them and then the disciples will fast. There is a time to feast and there is a time to fast. Our spiritual practices may have been somewhat neglected in our lives. It is important that we keep renewing our commitment to this holy endeavour to allow God to continue his work in our lives. Let us allow the new wine of grace to continuously pour into our hearts so that we can bear abundant fruits in our lives.

PRAYER: Abba Father, I open my heart to the new wine of grace that you wish to pour into me. Amen.

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