Saturday 01st June 2024
Recognize Jesus
  • Jude 17:20-25
  • Psalm 63:2-6
  • Mark 11:27-33

The first reading explained to us the importance of giving God the first place in our lives. We should not compromise on this important factor. Giving God first place should be motivated by the unconditional love of God. When we are touched by God we are filled with his love. The Holy Spirit helps us to operate in and through his love. That is what the writer of the first reading said. When we are in the Spirit we would be full of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. Our hearts will be steered by the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit moves in us we would not question the works of God. Having knowledge about God and experiencing God are two different things. We should have experiential knowledge of God to understand his actions and accept his words. That is what is explained in the Gospel proclamation. The religious leaders and elders knew the Old Testament well but failed to recognize the Lord Jesus as the Messiah.

PRAYER: Abba Father, fill me with your Holy Spirit. Amen

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