Friday 05th July 2024
Am I responsible?
  • Amos 8:4-6,9-12
  • Psalm 119:2,10,20,30,40,131
  • Matthew 9:9-13

The land is unproductive and people are suffering because of greed and selfishness. Yet the Word says “if my people humble themselves…I will restore their land” (2 Chr 7:14). Amos reveals how the rich and dishonest cheat on the vulnerable, making them social outcasts. Famine upon the land is the outcome. Today, there is a famine not so much for bread and drink, but for the Word of God. The Lord comes in search of the outcasts of society. The tax collectors too, were outcasts . Because they collaborated with the imperial authorities, made profit by extortion and collected more than what was legally due. They were hated by society. The Lord befriends them; breaks the cycle of injustice that causes social disparities on both sides of the fence: victims and victimizers. He accepts us as we are for transformation; healing our pathetic condition. I realize I too am a victimizer and a victim of selfish social manifestations; causing disorder in society. Who can save us? Only Jesus.

Prayer: Abba Father, thank you for sending your Son to save us. May I love those who are disdained by society. Amen.

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